Best Price Mattress Queen 8″ Memory Foam Mattress with 2″ Memory Foam + Air Flow Cool Foam + Pressure Relief Foam – Queen Size

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Memory foam provides a great sleeping surface. In normal temperatures it is somewhat firm, but when you lay down , it starts reacting to the temperature of your body and begins to mold itself to your shape. Then, weight is evenly distributed along the surface, relieving pressure points and helping you to sleep more without tossing and turning. MATTRESS FACTS: 8″ Deep Dual Layers: 2″ Memory Foam top+2″ Super soft foam + 4″ Supportive Layer below . Rich Poly-Jacquard fabric cover .10-Year Warranty

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  • Product Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 8 inches ; 50 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 50 pounds
  • ASIN: B002P9QQJI

Customer Reviews

High quality for the price!

 October 28, 2011
By Julian A. Schulz "Julian"
Recently, my faithful Simmons spring mattress started poking me with
metal springs, as the bed began to collapse into itself (from years of use).
I went shopping for a replacement, never realizing just how ridiculously expensive
almost any mattress is.

I began to search online, not completely convinced it would be wise to purchase
one without laying on it first, but the deals were too hard to resist.
I had heard good things regarding ‘memory foam,’ and thought it might be a better
option than the typical spring-equipped style.

I ordered this one in a full-size, 8″ thick edition, which would fit my wood, platform
bed frame.

The bed arrived rolled up, vacuum packed in layers of plastic.
It was pretty heavy, but i managed to get it up the stairs, to my apartment.
After cutting through all the wrapping, the mattress expands quickly (within two hours),
to it’s full size.
The mattress was exactly 8″, as advertised, and incredibly well made & solid.
I expected it to be less firm & more airy, but it was a bit heavier than my old spring

When i laid on top of it, the bed felt amazing: Firm, but still cloud-like.
However, there was a slight chemical smell that bothered me.
I opened all my windows & let the mattress air out, while i went to work.
When i arrived back home, i could still sense that lingering smell (it wasn’t ever
really strong, but it was there).

The next night, i was pleased to notice the smell was completely gone.
My first night on the mattress, initially, it felt great (just lying flat on my back).
I’m a side sleeper, so as i changed position, it sort of felt difficult to move onto
my side, as the memory foam forms a slight crater & cradles your body to the exact specifications
of your shape.
When you move to another position, it disrupts the original shape you created, so it felt
sort of odd.
This bed felt cooler than my spring mattress, and higher (maybe because my old mattress was
slowly collapsing).

When i got up the next morning, the bed instantly went back into it’s original shape,
as i pulled my weight off the mattress.
It’s amazing, as you sort of expect to see a slight indentation from your body.

I do like this bed, i just might need a few nights to adjust to “memory foam.”
It’s comfortable, yet it feels so much different than your standard mattress.
The quality is top notch, and my tag said my bed was manufactured 9/22/11!
My mattress was only a month old, when it arrived.

You cannot beat Amazon’s 209.00 price, and the free shipping makes it a HUGE bargain!
I was set to purchase another mattress from a retailer, until i saw my shipping charges
would be 80.00.
It’s astounding they can offer free shipping, as this mattress is not small or light to lift.

UPDATE: After two weeks of sleeping on this thing, i have noticed it gets even more
comfortable, as the mattress seems to adjust to your own body type & weight.
It’s as if, upon lying on it, it recognizes your frame.
And, it’s true, as others have noted, it is difficult to remove yourself from
the mattress in the morning, because your body is completely relaxed & immersed in it.
It’s kind of strange, yet pleasant.

One thing to keep in mind: The mattress sort of cocoons your shape, thus locking in most
of your body heat, in the process.
The result is a warmer bed then you might get with a traditional spring mattress.
The nights, already, have been fairly cold out here in the Northeast, so this is not
a problem at all.
However, come Summer, this could be more of an issue.

But this mattress still impresses me with it’s combination of firmness & softness,
and the way it adapts to YOU within a couple of weeks.
Don’t dismiss this after one or two nights, because it will adapt to you.
The low, low price offered, still baffles me, though.
This is a high quality, thick (8 inch is all you need) mattress.
There’s nothing cheap about it, from material to comfort.
I can’t imagine what a 900.00 memory foam mattress must feel like!

Much Nicer Than Expected ~ A Great Value For The Price

 November 9, 2011
By HJW "o8Heather8o"
My Queen Bed from Best Priced Mattress arrived today, & while it is still airing out, I can tell you that I am very impressed so far. I uploaded a picture to the customer image gallery so people what the Queen Size looks like.

This mattress expanded to its full 8″ height in about 6 hours, but I cannot sleep on it yet, because of the intense chemical odor. I did lay down on it to “test drive” it for a while, & I am pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it is. I was leery of buying this bed because I have been sleeping on an airbed for 2 years, & I expected a foam mattress to feel like laying on a concrete slab in comparison – but it isn’t. Not at all. It is not like the horrible foam mattresses I’ve encountered in motels & guest beds & spent sleepless nights on in the past. This is actually really nice. All of the foam beds I’ve experienced felt like a foam mattress topper laying on a sidewalk, so I was afraid to invest much, but this bed is actually quite agreeable. Keep in mind, it’s not like spring mattresses which have a resistive bounce to them – & it does kind of squish around you & cradle your form where you lay (which some people don’t like)…but the mattress I was sent is neither too firm nor too soft – it really is just about right. I sink into the body-conforming top layers just the right amount, without feeling like I am “bottoming out”. All of my pressure points sink in at the right depths, in the right places. There may be truth to the notion that the thinner memory foam mattresses are more comfortable, compared to thick 12″ mattresses, because the thinner beds lack the dense 6-8″ resistive base layer of foam that makes the thicker beds so firm. When I tested it out, I was enjoying the sound of the vertebrae in my back popping back into place so much that I hated to get up… It felt great, & only my asthma drove me off the bed.

About the chemical odor, I would recommend that those with allergies, asthma, & hypersensitivity to chemicals set up alternative sleeping arrangements for 4 or more days to allow this mattress to fully air out. You don’t notice it right away after unwrapping the bed, but the more it expands, the stronger the odor becomes. I also bought this bed a zippered vinyl mattress cover as an allergy blocker, so together the two of them smell like the interior of a new car, splashed with a bucket full of paint… : } I shut the mattress in the bedroom, & I air it out with a fan about 4 times a day. I put the ailing airbed in the living room to use while I transition to the new bed. I have had 4 airbeds suddenly go flat in the middle of the night in less than 2 years, so for me it’s worth the wait to air out just 1 memory foam mattress once – rather than 1 new air bed about every 6 months, all of which smelled every bit as strong as this bed does. Some people shaved off 1 Star for the stench, but I am giving it the full 5 Stars, because it is so unexpectedly comfortable. I never knew a memory foam mattress could feel this decent. I was terrified of how bad this was going to be, & actually almost canceled the order, but so far it’s actually very nice.

I manage fibromyalgia, arthritis, upper & lower back pain, & recurring nerve pain in my arms, & I think I am going to do quite well sleeping on this mattress. I have a feeling that the more I sleep on this bed, the more my back is going to realign itself to where it’s supposed to be. King Size was unavailable when I made my purchase, which I prefer, but I think Queen is about the largest mattress one small person in chronic pain can lug around by themselves if I ever have to move again.

One Major Con: Best Priced Mattress really needs to use better quality cardboard boxes to ship their mattresses. My box ripped open in transit, & apparently hit the ground quite hard, then at some point was retaped. When it arrived, the box contents were full of FedEx truck grime, exhaust stink, & about 10 pieces of large limestone gravel rattling around in the box. That is NOT cool, but the bed itself was sealed in its own bag, & although the bag was cruddy, & got my floor dirty, the mattress itself was not affected by the mess. Best Priced Mattress…if you really believe you make a great product…please ship it to the customer with the respect it deserves.

11/14/11 Update:

The mattress & vinyl casing did take 4 full days for all of this to air out. The vinyl cover was actually more pungent & took longer to air than the mattress itself, despite having already aired it out for 2 days in my car before the mattress arrived. After 3 days passed, all I could smell was the vinyl. Really give things time to fully air out, & know that unlike regularly replacing airbeds, you’ll only have to do this once. After 4 days, everything was fine.

I’ve slept 2 nights on the new mattress, & one thing I notice is the bed really holds body heat much better than my 18″ airbed, which always remained as warm or cold as the air in the room. Even though my mattress is currently lying on a tile floor, I was quite warm when I woke up, & without needing extra blankets or heating. Outdoor temps are below freezing, so it’s nice, but when we return to 5 months of temps above 90F, this may be a challenge. This bed also works pretty good for sitting on propped up against pillows with a laptop PC or a book.

The best thing I can report is I have not been waking up in pain because of the mattress. It feels totally different to sleep on compared to my airbed, but I wake up feeling pretty good. Overall so far, I am quite happy with this purchase.

12/20/11 Update:

I love this mattress. My lower back pain has improved dramatically. It has straightened out & aligned the vertebrae in my back like nothing else I’ve found, except maybe my old semi-waveless water bed. Lying on it also gives the nerve pain in my arm a break. Alleviating chronic FM/arthritis pain helps the pain centers in the brain to shut down, & quit firing…which in turn promotes restorative sleep. This has been like no-hassle physical therapy for my back.

Also, unlike airbeds, it is cozy on cold nights. And I no longer fear 3am *deflations*… The chemical odors are long gone. I now ask it, where have you been all my life… lol I am very glad I took the risk & bought one. This bed was a lucky find.

Awesome! Worth Every Penny!

 August 24, 2011
By Lukas
My Background:
Recently started getting back pains in the mornings – I was using a cheap Ikea mattress for the past few years. Throughout the day, I’d feel tired to the point that I thought I may have some chronic problems.
There are some very fancy and expensive memory foam mattresses, so I had a little bit of reservation about this one being on the more economical side.
Reading through the reviews helped since it seemed that people were generally happy with their purchase.

My Experience:
I can say that this is the best mattress that I’ve slept on.
It took exactly 2 nights to get used to the difference.
NO MORE back pain.
NO MORE fatigue during the day.

I’d recommend it to anyone who wants this type of mattress but who is not at a position to spend tons of money. It was a major upgrade for me.

After sleeping on this for awhile now….

 March 28, 2011
By Jonathan&Wendy
I LOVE IT! This is such an upgrade from a regular bed. Originally I switched to foam due to allergies from our old mattress, but find that this is soooo much more comfortable! I’m waking up less from pressure points, and sneezing.
Both my husband and I are tall and slim. We don’t normally get over heated at night, and that hasn’t changed on this mattress. In fact, I’m still dressing warmly and using a quilt during cold weather. My daughter, 2yrs old loved ours so much that we got her a small foam bed too! Really a must for anyone with back pain or allergies! It only had a slight odor for a few days, and me having a ‘super sniffer’ nose, I’m not sure if anyone else would have smelt it.

They have a KING! On my 3rd Order!

 June 21, 2013
By Cris
I cannot say enough about this mattress! This is my 3rd order.

I initially purchased this in full size for my pregnant daughter and her 3 year old. They were going to stay with me for a few months and the old spring mattress wasn’t going to cut it. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money due to the timeline of their stay and the room would then be the guest room, so when I found this mattress, I took a chance. I bought this one in Dec 2011. She kept telling me it was the most comfortable mattress she’d ever slept on! The odor wasn’t too bad and I let it rise for the full 48 hours in the living room. I’ve also had several guests stay on this mattress and they raved about it!

Fast forward about 6 months. My spring mattress was about 8 years old and my back pain was becoming increasingly bad. I had an expensive Serta Pillowtop and it wasn’t cutting it. I’ve had 2 major spine surgeries (currently awaiting a 3rd), so I was hesitant to try this bed for myself. I grabbed the full size mattress (not too heavy) and put it onto my queen size box spring in my room to "test" it out. My daughter loved it, so I figured I might as well try it! This mattress was amazingly comfortable. The second I had an extra $250, I bought myself the queen size version of this mattress and put the full size back in the guest room. I don’t wake up with aches and pains. After a lot of yard work, I’ll go to bed incredibly stiff and wake up with barely noticeable stiffness. It doesn’t overheat (and I keep my house at 78 degrees in the summer time with only a ceiling fan running in my room). You don’t completely sink into the mattress (I’m 5’4", 135lbs), but it conforms to your body to keep you comfortable. I sleep on my side or on my back and I feel great in the morning. That’s very important for me with all my spine issues.

Now, another year later, I’m back to purchase the King size. I was so excited to see they are finally offering the King! I will try to remember to take pictures this time of the box, it expanding, and the finished product and post them here. This bed is GREAT! I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another or recommend it to a friend. I’m impressed with the quality and speed of delivery!

You won’t regret this purchase!

So comfy for so cheap…

 July 21, 2013
By T. DeJarlais
I didn’t expect much when buying this bed; recently moved here and just wanted something inexpensive and better than sleeping on the floor. Four weeks later, I’m fully impressed! Super comfy and a great value. My partner has one of those really expensive Tempurpedic beds and after spending the night on this he wanted to dump it and buy one of these. Easily 5 stars…

It’s become a favorite

 February 9, 2011
By MattinKC
Got this for my youngest son (11) and it’s his favorite bed ever, he explains. His sister (19) steals it whenever possible, convinced it’s a much nicer mattress than hers. good value, good mattress. Didn’t experience the airing out stench, but did air it out in the garage for several days before putting it on the bed.